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Hike in Germany in the Harz Area. Harz is the highest mountain range in the northern part of germany. They are als known as Harz Mountains. The Harz is part of 3 federal states: Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer 2

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer – the hike during Easter was not completed.  I still wanted to explore the Bodetal. The same goal as last time, but without bad weather and without leaving the route. My trip to Tanzania starts...

Harz Teufelsmauer Hike - Hamburger Wappen 1

Harz Teufelsmauer Hike

Harz Teufelsmauer Hike, a trip at easter, including routes and maps. This is the 2nd Day of my Easter hike, see here for Day 1. For the preparation I used again my map. Harz Teufelsmauer...

Harz Bodetal Hike - On the way to Altenbrak 3

Harz Bodetal Hike

At last a few days off. Easter was near and my plan was to go for a first hike this year.  What was the destination? The goal was to go by train to the Harz Mountains...