Harz Bodetal Hike Summer

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer – the hike during Easter was not completed.  I still wanted to explore the Bodetal. The same goal as last time, but without bad weather and without leaving the route. My trip to Tanzania starts soon, because of that I needed to improve my endurance and get used to my backpack. The backpack was loaded with all my stuff that I would take with me to Tanzania. A detailed list of what I brought, preparing for the trip can be found in Tanzania Kilimanjaro packing list.

The Harz Bodetal hike over Easter mainly described, the how to get there by train from Berlin. In this article information about the accommodation in Thale will be offered. There is a website: Bodetal which offers a great range of accommodation in Thale and surroundings. There are apartments for several people and additionally you will find stays for less persons. In Thale there is a camping site too. It can also be booked directly through the website.

Starting from Thale, we started our Harz Bodetal Hike.

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer – The Map

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer, same map and stops as the last time
  • Starting Point: Wendefurth
  • Stop 1: Altenbrak
  • Stop 2: Treseburg
  • Stop 3: Thale
  • Distance: ~20 km

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer – Arrival in Wendefurth

The weather this june weekend was sunny. 20 to 22 degrees Celsius, no rain and only a few clouds, a great hiking weather. The hike started the same way as the Easter Hike.

The bus 251 drove us from the bus station in Thale to Blankenburg. A stay of around 1 hour was unfortunately unavoidable. We used the time to walk to a Kiosk. Here we drank a hot coffee and walked back to the bus station. Back at the station we hopped on the bus 263. This bus carried us to Wendefuhrt. The first difference from the last time: There were much more people on the move. The bus was crowded with other hikers. Obviously they had a similar idea as us: enjoy the good weather.

We went from the bus stop up to the Wendefurth dam. Unlike to the Easter days a lot of people were around. These visitors were transported by bus organizations to the dam. An attraction for the adrenaline junkies were possible too – Wall Running. You could run down the dam wall just hanging on a rope. But we had no time for this. We enjoyed the view across the dam and afterwards we started our planned tour. If you have more time, use the opportunity to walk to the Rappodetalsperre.

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer – Wendefurth to Treseburg

We left Wendefurth and went down to the main road. We followed the hiking signs towards Altenbrak. In addition to the sign to Altenbrak, there was another sign: The sign of the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg. The Harzer-Hexen-Stieg is a route across the Harz Mountains with a total length of 97 kilometers. The Hexen-Stieg is a trekking tour that I want to do in the near future.

The hike to Altenbrak was done quickly. There were not happen many interesting things. We just saw the river floating next to us and from time to time an angler was inside.  Our steps on the trail, caused sounds. The cracking of branches were so noisy that even the fishermen in the river were staring up to us. These fishermen threw us then suspicious glances and we decided to keep our distance to them. Arrived at Altenbrak we followed the hiking signs to Thale. Learning from the mistakes of the Easter hike, we corrected the route and followed the signs to the right. Note: Left Thale 15 km is the wrong way and the right 20 km – the correct way.

We went down the street and afterwards we left Altenbrak behind us. The way was more idyllic and green now. Many high trees and shrubs around us and the Bode rushed to our left. The tour turned out to become unexciting until Treseburg. In Treseburg itself there was again something to experience. The main road that connects the different towns in Harz, were running on the opposite side of the river. The hike trail and the road were separated by the Bode. A water trail ran only a few centimeters below the surface, joining both sides. The water was so shallow that you could walk through it, to the other shore. In Treseburg it is possible to have a small break, because a restaurant is serving dishes.

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer – Treseburg to Thale

The tramp between Treseburg and Thale was really great and this part I loved the most. The path still had the mystical character, as between Altenbrak and Treseburg. Additionally the Bode were still floating but much deeper in a valley. We had awesome views into the valley and could study the nature much more. Furthermore the ground changed to a more gravel nature. It felt like we were in a high mountain range. Of course there were some sharp and pointed stones. On the way we met a young couple hiking, too. To my amusement, they wore flip-flops. Sneakers and sturdy shoes would have been the better choice for this route. My tour partner wore Chucks, but this was working out here.

After the splendid nature part, we arrived in a valley. From here we had a clear view on the other side of the mountain range. The “Rosstrappe” was one part of the other mountain range and a lot of hikers were enjoying the view from the top. Too bad, we were on the other side. We had to travel down some serpentine, afterwards we crossed the Bode river via a small bridge called “Teufelsbrücke” (devils bridge). At the end of this bridge the valley ends and after a 10 minutes walk, we were back in Thale.

The Harz Bodetal Hike is an easy hike that is fun especially in summer. If it rained the night before, you should at least be careful when walking on the path, since many muddy puddles will adorn the way. If you are interested to do that tour in spring, please have a look here.

Outcome of the tour is, a Harz Bodetal Hike is definitively worth a try. It will take you around 5 to 8 hours, based on your walking speed. The nature is really great and you will not meet so many people.

My GPS device was on a strike this time, so i could not record theHarz Bodetal Hike Summer for you. Maybe its time for a new device?

Harz Bodetal Hike Summer
Harz Bodetal Hike Summer
Harz Bodetal Hike Summer
Harz Bodetal Hike Summer
Harz Bodetal Hike Summer
Harz Bodetal Hike Summer
Harz Bodetal Hike Summer


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